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For the support and recovery of peace and harmony, resulting in better health, energy, and wellbeing.

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From my Clients who wish to share their experience and reflection as a support for others for their growth, and self-discovery of their outcome of experience of Shiatsu, Counselling, Hypnotherapy or Australian Bush flower essences and their insights.


TREATMENT and support of:-

  • Relationship challenges, Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Emotional and Physical pain, Fatigue, Depression, Panic attacks, Grief and loss and Addictions of Alcohol & other drugs.



  • Higher energy levels 
  • Emotional balance
  • Clearer thinking 
  • Calmness
  • Alternative to medication
  • Stronger immune function
  • Relief of emotional and physical pain


Specializing in trauma-informed care, you receive

personalized attention and ongoing support only a phone

call away, creating energy, vitality and well being,

through acceptance, compassion, empathy, and

unconditional positive regard.


Utilizing the coaching skills of counselling and shiatsu

therapy to identify conflicts.  Transform a life of pain to

a balanced and resilient lifestyle of mind, body and soul.


We cannot feel the height of our joy unless we feel the

depths of our sadness, which may be the key criteria to

your healing and recovery of vitality.


Your experience in sessions are of a journey of self-

discovery, reframing painful memories and resulting in



I co-facilitate your intrinsic need to reclaim wellness and

to reclaim your Passion Purpose and Potential.

I am certified in clinical supervision for fellow counsellors, with a degree in Community Mental health and alcohol and other drugs, inclusive of Counselling, Certified in Training and assessment and Hypnotherapy, with Over 20 years experience as a trained Shiatsu Therapist.

Judith has raised 4 children on alternative natural medicines and philosophy of Metaphysical principles of, our how our beliefs may manifest in our physical body. 

Meet Judith

In a comfortable, private and warm, ambient setting as opposed to a clinical environment of an office or doctors surgery.

When choosing to have a Shiatsu treatment additional to counselling or coaching your Mental and emotional wellbeing is amplified.

You can also experience the added benefits and comfort of having treatment on a traditional futon as opposed to a massage table with face holes that create pressure and restrictions in facial points.

The additional bonus is of the space on a futon and experiences the therapeutic value of releasing the tension and stress in the neck muscles by the placement of your face on the futon.