My Joy and energy is derived from liberating others from the limitations of their current perspective and symptoms through the empowerment of unhelpful body memories and self-understanding.

I have gained vast life experiences having raised 5 children on alternative natural medicines and philosophy, and the experience in the Disability field for many years. 

My Passion is to facilitate transformation through my support and coach my clients to discover their core issues that are creating pain, and addictions emotionally, physically or other symptoms of feeling in an unwell state. 

With empathy and compassion, addressing challenges that may be confronting yet liberating, with good humor to achieve their potential, purpose, and well-being. 

My soul-centered healing counteracts stress, anxiety, depression, aches, and pain, releasing endorphins for relief and mood-altering chemicals, with a nurturing sensitivity and acceptance.

My Intentions in Therapy are ...

To facilitate clients Healing through the release of emotion and gaining self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, acceptance, and commitment to achieve their desired results by achieving the congruence of behavior and feelings.

Through receiving unconditional positive regard, I co-facilitate in the development of the skill set for self ( to be without negative judgment towards self) thus achieving vitality, creating hope and the ability to be in the present moment achieving energy and wellbeing.