Shiatsu therapy is likened to meditation, a restful and yet insightful experience for the mind and body and spirit, thus rejuvenating the Nervous system  which then allows the body the opportunity to  able to hasten the healing process.  

When I asked One of my adolocent clients the question of  " how are you feeling " after the completion of our session he stated " I feel like I have had an emotional cleansing. 

My client came to me for weight loss, and decided that due to a negative attitude of time contraints,  to exersize, we decided to use Hypnotherapy and she has now achieved a new attitude of a enjoyment and taking on exersize as her new hobby 5 days per week.

When I am unhappy with my circumstances in my self or others , I loose my energy and have the feeling of its all too hard, or I become needy or overwhelmed

I stop and meditate on what is I need to do, be or think to move forward  or I get back to basics and go for a walk to listen to my inner voice, and the answers come.

I would like to bring to consciousnesses / awareness to our humanness and of  unrealistic expectation of ourselves at times, with our difficulty and inability to implement our, hopes, dreams, ideals, goals and visions into our current mind set and behavioral patterns, thus creating anxiety, pain, depression, illness, etc and thus medicating ourselves with substances, smoking, alcohol, sleeping pills, anti-depressant or overeating to mask our painful emotions.