Shiatsu and Counselling can promote and increase the effectiveness of other therapies. This may shorten the Duration and Dosage of Medical treatment prescribed.  Our Shiatsu Service


The Australian Bush Flower remedies Can be used as an alternative to medical treatment, and pharmaceuticals, as well as a tool to shed light on our subconscious and conscious sabotages. There is a remedy for every Ailment and emotional condition. A Bush Flower consultation can by- bass searching for answers, by intuitively choosing a Flower by attraction. Our Bush Flower Therapy


Counselling draws on the whole spectrum of your human consciousness to access your own resources for healing and insight.   Counselling may also utilize-

Shiatsu, Relationship Counselling, Australian Bush Flower Consultations, Psychological service and Hypnotherapy 

You may be coming to seek help with a particular issue or condition which can be resolved in a few sessions, or you may be seeking an ongoing support which becomes a consistent feature of your life, i.e. preventative medicine is like servicing your vehicle car for the prevention of a breakdown.

Shiatsu is a service for the body-mind connection, for alignment of Soul urge or heart desire, achieving wellbeing and your potential.