The Australian Bush Flower Essences can be used as an alternative to medical treatment, and pharmaceuticals medications, supporting the change process,  a tool to shed light on our subconscious and conscious sabotages, which are the core of our Ailments.

When thoughts and feelings are in conflict with our souls yearning it prevents expression of our Vitality, Potential, Passion and Purpose and Wellbeing.

Whether it be a difficulty in relationships, Career or Health any of Life Circumstances that are causing conflict, resulting in stress,  creating disharmony which manifests as disease.

There is a Bush flower for all ailments and conditions, emotions and thought patterns, your alternative medicine to Pharmaceuticals products, your natural alternative free from the side affects of prescriptive medicine which only treats symptoms and not the underlying issues of cause.

For example the She Oak essence is currently being used successfully in Sweden as an alternative to Hormone replacement  therapy.