...Dear Judith,

just wanted to say thank you for your caring and support in following up with me on the phone after my first session with you,

It blew me away that a complete stranger  would take the time out of their busy life to chat with me and inquire about my wellbeing without intention of monetary or other gain, just genuine kindness and caring.

I believe there was a reason why I picked up the yellow pages and found you and for that I am grateful, I will phone to make another appointment soon.

Regards Robyn


To Dear  Judith

Thank you so much for your support and guidance when things are a bit tough, you are wonderful woman with so much warmth and knowledge.

thanks Luv Julie B



I was in a dark place where I was suffering from Anxiety, panick attacks and I haven't seen Judith for a while so I thought It was time , It took only one session with Judith to release the shackles of burden I had been burdened and weighted down with.

2 hrs later I left with an enormous feeling of excitement  courage and belief ( trust in myself ).

I have a deep knowing that coming to see Judith is the path for my healing, having had tried many different so called "cures" with no longevity in their effect.

I have learnt that it takes more to heal a person than a method, it takes a person, Judith is that person, I wish she could hold weekly classes so I could learn so much more.

Yours sincerely Sandra