Shiatsu means thumb pressure which is used on specific areas on the entire body from head to toe, front and back of the body, which promotes and increase the effectiveness of self-healing, other therapies and corrects imbalance.  Hastens the duration and dosage of medical treatment prescribed.

Shiatsu Therapy clears blockages within the body, through awareness and release of emotion, especially tears and the toxins of unacknowledged state of feeling, (denial ) which then creates a relief of stored wounding, trauma and transforms our cell structure, assisting in self-healing.

When blocked emotions and distress are nor attended to they can manifest into physical symptoms:- such as illness, emotional disturbances, or a sense of not feeling well. 

Regular Shiatsu can be used to Heal or as a Preventative medicine, and the stimulation of Organ function, Intestines, Energetic system, lymphatic’s, Endocrine, Circulatory, Muscular, Vascular and all other systems of the body.

Shiatsu treats the whole body unlike many localized treatments, which may only have temporary relief. Shiatsu should not be confused with oil massage.

Clients are requested to wear loose and comfortable clothing.